The Aman Foundation is a local, not-for-profit trust, based and operating in Pakistan, born out of the belief that Pakistanis must take the lead in solving Pakistan’s problems. The Aman Foundation aims to champion dignity and choice for the underserved, focusing on Health, Nutrition and Education through direct intervention and aspiring to derive scalable, sustainable and systemic change in Pakistan.

Healthcare – with systems ranging from Emergency Medical Response, Community Health Workers, and TeleHealth initiatives to Mother-and-Child Hospitals.

Nutrition – with an emphasis to provide nutritious and hygienic food to school children to reduce hunger and malnutrition, simultaneously increasing enrolment and attendance.

Education and Skills – with a Vocational Training Institute designed to transform unemployed and untrained youth into productive members of society and the Teach For Pakistan Program, a nationwide movement of graduates and young professionals who commit two years to teach in under-resourced schools.

Apart from its own social development initiatives, Aman Foundation also engages in venture philanthropy by providing strategic grants to high-social-impact organizations that work in the Foundation’s core areas of focus.